1 Proton Lynx Roadmap

Minting of Lynxy began on November 2021

2 Proton Lynx Roadmap

January 2022
Lynxy the Logo will be unveiled and only 5 will be minted in the first edition.

3 Proton Lynx Roadmap

January  2022
Lynxy  gift card/credit card unveiled. 

4 Proton Lynx History

January 20, 2022
Lynxy #1,$$$  code named Gratitude Lynxy will be minted. Gratitude Lynxy  will immortalized those who have played a significant part in its success. It will be embossed with their twitter handle. The description of this Lynxy will also be different. Utility for Gratitude Lynxy is in the works.

5 Proton Lynx History

January 21, 2022
Beta lunch of the Lynxy website with first ever printable rarity certificate on the Proton Chain

6 Proton Lynx History
Proton Lynx

Plans for further Lynxy utility including a lunch of Lynxy Line on Amazon which will debut with the Lynxy squashy toy. This will bring more revenue to MrFrankieNFT Passive Income Plan

7 Proton Lynx History
Proton Lynx

Lynxy Inflation Control: There is plan to combine a holders collection of Lynxy and burn them for something currently under wraps. Lets Call it Lynxy metamorphosis. This will help increase value dramatically as volume decreases. More on this later. 

8 Proton Lynx History
Proton Lynx

Lynxy Metamorphosis 

The Amazing World of Lynxy The Proton Lynx

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