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How we Think


Lynxy the Proton Lynx is a project that was conceived with the following goals in mind:
1. Disrupt  the NFT market place on the Proton Chain.
2. Offer people a gateway to the Proton NFT space
3. Develop a product so good people are shocked why and what will come next.
4. Make Lynxy a house hold name.
5. Afford parents common grounds to introduce younger adults and kids into crpto and specifically Proton Chain.
6. Spread the word on the amazing Proton LOAN token


We have the answer to your question

1000 controlled roll out of unique LYNXY’s out of a possible 1,764,000. 

Minting ended on January 21, 2022 with Lynx $1$$$ the 1000th Lynxy Code named “Gratitude Lynxy” Gratitude Lynxy was minted on

Floor price was originally set at 5 USDC until the lunch of Proton LOAN. Now that Proton LOAN is life, the sky is the limit especially with all the utilities Lynxy has to offer.

You will be able to use all Proton Chain Wallets

Lynxy is available in all the major Proton Markets: ProNFT.marketProton market and Proton mint

The Amazing World of Lynxy The Proton Lynx

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