Lynxy The Royal Gaurd

The purple Lynxy has some royal blood in them.
Red Lynxy is revered for her strength and character.
Lynxy the popular. Everything looks good on them.
Minty Fresh Lynxy
Very rare. Had to come by
Devil tailed Lynxy can be quite mischievous.
The last mint of the Lynxy Project is Gratitude Lynxy. With this mint we thank all Lynxy holders no matter how few. We say special thanks to some people who played a pivotal role in the climb of Lynxy the Proton Lynx to stardom on the Proton Chain. Special thanks goes to @WilliamsRoue (TheRoueMcCoy) who holds the largest collection of Lynxy. @ProtonRoad (Joshua) one of the most prolific Lynxy collectors and whose interest in Lynxy help pivot it to instant fame. @GyasiHenry (Da Whale) who bought every Lynxy he could in the secondary market and some at floor price. @ProtonimusPrime for his endless promotions of Lynxy in conjunction with @protonroad. Thank you everyone who holds a Lynxy, the journey has just begun. Check out the new website: www.protonlynx.com. Lynxy is small but mighty! Each Lynxy is one of 1000 (max supply) controlled roll-out of unique LYNXY's out of a possible 1,764,000 combination. No two Lynxy’s are exactly alike. Lynxy is the Proton Lynx. Individually generated and unique NFTs. Telegram: https://t.me/protonNFTs. Twitter @protonlynx

The Amazing World of Lynxy The Proton Lynx

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